6 Ways to Support Our Arts Community

The Minneapolis Foundation’s OneMpls Live! events bring people together to learn, connect with local organizations, and take action on important issues in our community. Our Fall 2017 convening, Framing the Future of the Arts, focused on the arts, with an energetic panel discussion on arts equity, a conversation with arts patron Margaret Wurtele, and a meet-and-greet with 10 local nonprofits that are inspiring young artists in school and beyond. We hope that everyone who joined us at this event came away inspired and energized to make a difference in our community’s vibrant arts scene.

Here are six ways you can take action:

  1. Make a donation to the Arts and Culture Legacy Grant Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation to support the artists, educational programs, and cultural institutions that enrich our community.
  2. Visit our OneMpls Hub to continue learning about opportunities, trends, issues, and the great work that nonprofits are doing to create a vibrant arts community.
  3. Sign up for Minnesota Citizens for the Arts e-newsletters at artsmn.org and stay updated on arts advocacy in Minnesota.
  4. Advocate for a robust arts education for Minnesota’s children by contacting your elected officials and asking them to help keep the arts alive and thriving in our schools.
  5. Buy tickets! Theaters, galleries, concert halls, choral groups, dance stages – all need stalwart patrons.
  6. Make a personal donation or volunteer for one of the nonprofits that took part in Framing the Future of the Arts: