Focus on Giving, not the paperwork

"Having a donor advised fund at The Minneapolis Foundation takes a huge burden off the donor's shoulders." - Morris Goodwin, Jr. & Donna Lindsay-Goodwin

Giving with purpose

"We try to help build a stronger community and a better quality of life for everyone through our giving." - Steve & Sarah Kumagai 

The Mark Family on creating a donor advised fund

“The Foundation helps us find causes we believe in and where we can make a difference.” – the Mark family

Where Your Giving Goes Further

Chances are you already support the organizations and issues you care about by giving to them directly. Now you’re ready to consider creating a private foundation or charitable fund to streamline your giving going forward.

Whether that means putting your money to work immediately or building a permanent endowment, we can help. Since 1915, thousands of Minnesotans have trusted The Minneapolis Foundation to manage and distribute their charitable gifts.

We offer a variety of charitable funds and trusts to help you meet your financial and charitable goals. You receive maximum tax advantages and have access to our knowledge of the community and nonprofit organizations.We handle the administrative details and provide prompt service and grant support so you can focus on the more rewarding aspects of giving: making a difference.