Involve Your Family


We recognize the importance your family and other loved ones play in your giving. We also recognize that every family is different.

Donor advised funds are a great way to teach and share the value of giving, as well as to create a legacy that reflects your family’s unique interests. We also offer a full menu of family giving services:

  • Structure your fund to determine how much involvement you want each "advisor" to have over the charitable assets and how they are used.
  • Create a family giving plan with our resources and expertise - or let us host a family meeting around giving.
  • Play our Generations game or use our family conversation starters, both designed to spark fun, meaningful conversations about your family's history, interests, and values.
  • Introduce the young professionals in your life to our Fourth Generation. Members identify and research community issues, connect with civic leaders, pool their charitable resources, and make a big impact.

To learn more about our family giving services, contact Robyn Schein at (612) 672-3824. Robyn's an expert on inter-generational giving and a certified family-giving consultant.