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Arts & Culture

Minneapolis Foundation donors are the second largest funder of the arts in Minnesota. Last year alone, they gave $13 million to the arts — showing their true passion for theater, dance, music, and so much more. A flourishing arts scene is one of the few things that makes a good city, a great city. We envision a community where people of all ages and life experiences have the opportunity to contribute to and enjoy a vibrant, local arts scene.

Did you know...

  • Minnesota is home to more than 1,500 arts and cultural organizations. (Minnesota Public Radio, 2013)
  • There are nearly 100 theater companies, more than 30 theater venues, and more theater seats per capita in Minnesota than anywhere outside New York City. (University of Minnesota, 2013)
  • Sixty-seven percent of Minnesotans attended at least one arts event in a year. (Minnesota Center for Survey Research at the University of Minnesota)
  • The economic impact of Minnesota’s arts and cultural organizations totals more than $830 million annually. (Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, 2008)