St. Stephen's

Economic Vitality

Whether it’s through support of small business development, investing in training programs to secure livable wage jobs, or helping ex-offenders re-enter the workforce ready to contribute, we partner with our donors to help individuals participate in our economy in meaningful ways. We envision a thriving community with a robust and inclusive workforce, combined with a business climate that fosters innovation and self-sufficiency.

Did you know...

  • Nearly one in ten employed residents of Minneapolis are self-employed. Residents are almost twice as likely to earn their living from self-employment today as they were in 2000. (OneMinneapolis, 2012)
  • Of 19 major metropolitan areas, the Twin Cities metro area has the widest gap in unemployment between blacks and whites. (Economic Policy Institute, 2012)
  • Immigrant-owned businesses generated $331 million dollars in net income to Minnesota in just one year. (Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University Of Minnesota, 2010)
  • Minneapolis families headed by one - or two - foreign-born parents are twice as likely to live in poverty as those headed by a U.S.-born parent. (OneMinneapolis, 2012)
  • About 46 percent of employed Minneapolis residents are paid a "family supporting wage" of $40,000 a year. (OneMinneapolis, 2013)