2013 full report cover

Since "what gets measured, gets done," OneMinneapolis was created to help our community better understand, track, and improve how all of our neighbors are faring. The numbers in this report are broken out by race and ethnicity, and in some cases, home language, gender, and whether residents were born in the U.S. or abroad.

Click on the topics below for an at a glance look on how we're faring in each category. Click on the community indicator for details on each of the 25 indicators we've measured.

Range: The range between the percentage of the racial or ethnic community faring least well to that of the community faring best on each indicator.
Gap: the span of the range in percentage points

Risk: the severity of the gap by size (not a measure of the impact on an individual or our community)  
Change: the change in the gap from previous data (the time frame of the previous data varies by indicator, click on each indicator for time frame)
Overall: the percent for all students/children/residents on each indicator   

red racial disparity of 35-100 pts 
orange disparity of 20-34 pts    
yellow disparity of 0-19 pts  
green no disparities

Community Indicators Range Risk Equity Rating Change in Gap Overall
children & youth

*Range and gap also available by subgroups (e.g., Hmong, Somali)
**Overall percentage of students who graduate or transfer within three years is 34%
n/a = Range and gaps unavailable or immeasurable