We’re helping RESOURCE, Inc. provide workforce training to people facing significant barriers in the job market. Last year alone, RESOURCE helped connect more than 3,300 people to employment.

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We’re helping the Native American Community Development Institute train and support emerging American Indian leaders through its Organizing and Leadership Institute.

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We support high-performing schools like Northeast College Prep, which doubled the number of its students who could read at grade level in its first year of operation.

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Competitive Grants to Advance Equity

The Minneapolis Foundation is privileged to steward and invest gifts that have been entrusted to us throughout the past century. Our competitive grants program is strategic and responsive to the ever-changing needs of our community. We strive to increase social, racial, and economic equity with a goal of creating OneMinneapolis. The Foundation supports high-performing nonprofit organizations that primarily serve Minneapolis residents, and we look for innovative projects with systems-changing potential.

For information about the 2018 competitive grant round please visit the How to Apply page.

Please visit Current RFPs to find out of there are any additional requests for proposals active at this time.

We seek to support organizations capable of achieving significant impact in our community, as measured by the OneMinneapolis indicators outlined in our Strategic Framework. Accordingly, we invest the majority of competitive grant resources in proven or promising organizations and initiatives that seek to deepen their impact or bring their work to scale and are significantly aligned with our vision in these three focus areas:

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We focus our competitive grantmaking on promoting social, economic, and racial equity. We believe in realizing our community’s full potential, rather than simply resolving problems. Funding is targeted to programs and activities that achieve a very select set of outcomes that bring us closer to this vision.

Community Impact: Challenges and Strategies