Actions We’re Taking to Navigate the Coronavirus Pandemic

Supporting Our Community

The world, our nation, and our local community is in unchartered territory as we navigate the coronavirus pandemic. We find ourselves facing an ever-changing public health crisis that will have immediate and longer-term impact on communities. Fortunately, we have an incredibly generous and compassionate community that includes you and more than 1800 donors; dedicated nonprofits; and heroic community leaders. Let’s work together to help enable business and programmatic continuity for our nonprofit organizations during this unprecedented moment in time.

The Minneapolis Foundation’s Response:

We will be leveraging our OneMPLS Fund to support our local community response to the pandemic. The OneMPLS Fund is a collective impact fund designed to be nimble and responsive, expanding on our community equity investments by making more resources available to address emerging issues. We know local organizations that are essential to the fabric of our community are beginning to face significant challenges in this time of uncertainty.

As a community foundation, we have the expertise and capacity to direct charitable resources where they’re needed most. More details, including application guidelines, will be announced in the coming days. We will keep you informed in the coming days and weeks on where we are seeing the greatest needs and deploying OneMPLS Fund resources.

How can you help?

Contribute to the OneMPLS Fund. You can support The Minneapolis Foundation’s strategic response to the pandemic by making a donation to the OneMPLS Fund. Do you have a Donor Advised Fund with us? Log in to your account and make an interaccount transfer.

Continue giving to the organizations you care about. Now, more than ever, the organizations that are near and dear to you will need your support. If you are in a position to increase your giving, it will make a difference. We also encourage you to consider making your donation unrestricted so the organization can determine the highest and best use for your generous gift given the current climate.