Local cyclists give back while pedaling in #TourDeNice

Local cyclists logged 4,505 bike sharing trips on Saturday, July 9, triggering donations to support community needs in the #TourDeNice.

The Minneapolis Foundation and Nice Ride teamed up to host #TourDeNice, encouraging people all over Minneapolis-Saint Paul to support local charities simply by hopping on a Nice Ride bike.

For every Nice Ride trip taken in Minneapolis-Saint Paul on Saturday, The Minneapolis Foundation pledged to donate $1 to support local nonprofit organizations. Those funds – a total of $4,505 – went  into a “winner’s pot” that is being divided between the nonprofits represented by the top three riders (below) who competed in the #TourDeNice, a bike sharing challenge held Saturday morning in downtown Minneapolis. The top rider’s nonprofit will receive 50% of the pot, with the second-place rider’s nonprofit receiving 30% and the third-place rider receiving 20%.

The 11 riders in the nonprofit challenge, which started at Gold Medal Park, competed to see who could visit the most Nice Ride stations in two hours. Riders could also earn bonus points for returning to Gold Medal Park by 11 a.m., and for tweeting a photo of themselves during the challenge.

The winners of the challenge are:

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Grant Boelter

First place

Nonprofit: Metro Meals on Wheels
Rider: Grant Boelter
Donation: $2,252.50 (50% of winner’s pot)




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Emily Wade

Second place

Nonprofit: NAMI Minnesota (National Alliance on Mental Illness)
Rider: Emily Wade
Donation: $1,351.50 (30% of winner’s pot)




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Marie Huey

Third place

Nonprofit: Think Small
Rider: Marie Huey
Donation: $901 (20% of winner’s pot)




“Thanks to the generosity of so many people during yesterday’s #TourDeNice, The Minneapolis Foundation was able to support the important work that these nonprofits are doing to address critical needs in our community,” said R.T. Rybak, The Minneapolis Foundation’s President and CEO. “The tragedies we have seen these last few days remind us how much work we have to do in our community, and yesterday’s #TourDeNice reminds us how many people in Minneapolis are taking big and small actions to make people’s lives better.”

“Our community is fortunate to have a strong network of nonprofits that are doing amazing work to address a wide range of local needs,” said Nice Ride spokesman Ian Reed. “We’re so grateful to The Minneapolis Foundation and all the riders who participated in the #TourDeNice – and for all the people who checked out Nice Ride bikes this weekend to support them.”

For a complete list of riders in the nonprofit challenge, click here.