Operating with intention as we navigate the pandemic

As our local community joins the rest of the globe in navigating the coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to update our valued partners about actions that The Minneapolis Foundation is taking to operate with intention.

Our hearts, hands, and minds are engaged in safeguarding the wellbeing of our staff and helping our community weather this public health crisis.

We are working proactively to…

Protect the health and safety of our staff. The Minneapolis Foundation office will be closed to the public, effective Friday, March 13, 2020 through the end of the month as we evaluate the ever-changing situation. While our physical space will be closed, our full team of professionals will continue to operate remotely in an effort to practice safe social distancing as recommended by public health officials.

What does this mean?

  • You can continue to reach our team members via their office phone numbers.
  • We will continue to process contributions to funds and grant requests.
  • Previously scheduled live meetings will be rescheduled as video or telephone conferences.

If you have any questions about our business operations during this time, please contact Jean Adams, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Chief Operating Officer.

Responsibly steward the charitable assets we manage. In this time of market volatility, we are fortunate to have a very active and experienced investment committee, a top-ranked investment consultant (NEPC), and in-house manager of our investments paying careful attention to the market and our investments. As a 105-year-old organization, we are no stranger to market volatility. We have responsible mitigation strategies in place and will continue to monitor our investments closely.

Fulfill our mission as a community foundation. We exist to serve our community, especially in times of critical need. We will continue to pay close attention to needs related to the pandemic as they develop in Minnesota, particularly in the populations most vulnerable to the coronavirus and in historically underserved communities. For example, one early action we are taking through our involvement with the Community Resilience Advisory Council is to help disseminate reliable information about COVID-19 in languages such as Somali, Hmong, and Spanish.

We are painfully, urgently aware that this pandemic threatens to deepen the inequities we work every day to address. Now more than ever, we are driven to create a community where the wellbeing of our loved ones and neighbors is never determined by whose job provides sick leave, who lives in a well-equipped nursing home, or whose income allows them to stock up on extra medications and provisions.

We are deeply grateful for your partnership in this work and wish you good health.


Minneapolis Foundation Team