Putting the "Give" in Giving Community

Donor Advised Funds Help Many Put Charitable Dollars to Work in the Community

The Minneapolis Foundation works to inspire and support generosity across our community. One of the ways we do this is by helping people, families and businesses make the most of their charitable contributions.

Over the past several years, Donor Advised Funds have emerged as the go-to option for people looking for an easy, flexible way to manage their charitable giving. Since 2015, people with Donor Advised Funds at The Minneapolis Foundation contributed nearly $155 million to nonprofits in Minneapolis and beyond.

The average annual payout of these funds—the percentage of the fund’s total value that is given to nonprofits each year—is 11 percent. That’s more than double the IRS requirement for private foundations.

Simply put, Donor Advised Funds help our donors put the “give” in our giving community. They make it easy for generous people to put their charitable dollars to work on the causes they’re passionate about. Through Donor Advised Funds, our donors support great schools where students gain the skills to pursue their dreams, help minority entrepreneurs build successful businesses, empower women to run for office and much, much more.

From bedrock organizations like the YWCA and the Minnesota Orchestra to new and promising groups like the Association for Black Economic Power, the nonprofits that receive grants from our Donor Advised Funds are contributing to the health and vibrancy of communities in Minnesota and around the world. And by partnering with us, our donors contribute to the success of everything we do as a community foundation.

Many of our donors establish Donor Advised Funds because of their convenience and flexibility. They do it with The Minneapolis Foundation—rather than with a large financial institution—because they trust us to provide sound philanthropic advice, deep knowledge of local issues and a steadfast commitment to this community. It’s a big responsibility, and it’s only getting bigger. As we come off a record-breaking year of fundraising, The Minneapolis Foundation is more committed than ever to helping generous people make the most of their giving.