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Nina Robertson and Brandon Williams

George Floyd’s murder has sparked outrage and change in Minneapolis and around the world. During this heavy, traumatic moment, how do Black leaders continue to drive change and take care of themselves?



Fund for Safe Communities Grants

The Minneapolis Foundation will deploy $500,000 from its Fund for Safe Communities to support the people of Minneapolis as they strive for justice, equity and healing in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in police custody.

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Statement on Police-Involved Death of George Floyd

Every day, we are painfully aware of the work that remains before we can say that we live in a just society. This week’s reminder cuts deep. We grieve with the family and friends of George Floyd, and we grieve with our community.

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This thought-provoking documentary takes an in-depth look at the intersection of race, justice, and mass incarceration. Directed by Ava DuVernay, the film features political figures, activists, and academics—from Angela Davis to Bryan Stevenson, Jelani Cobb, Van Jones, and Cory Booker.



Osagyefo Sekou

Rev. Osagyefo Sekou is a Renaissance Man – a musician, organizer, theologian, author, and documentary filmmaker. Chanda sat down with Rev. Sekou to talk about the many layers of civil disobedience, philanthropy’s role in activism, and how the fight for racial justice has evolved.



Jillian Peterson

Jillian Peterson and Chanda sat down together to talk about the psychology of mass shootings, the best ways to prevent this violence, and the power of human connection during times of crisis.



Police-Involved Deadly Force Encounters Recommendations

DPS Commissioner John Harrington, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, and members of the working group on police-involved deadly force encounters released 28 recommendations and 33 action steps aimed at reducing deadly force encounters with law enforcement in Minnesota.



Just Mercy

In this award-winning memoir, Bryan Stevenson recounts his career as an attorney for disadvantaged clients and his efforts to free Walter McMillian, a wrongly convicted prisoner on death row.

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Bail Reform Summit

Join local and national changemakers to take close look at our newly commissioned pretrial justice report, created in partnership with the University of Minnesota, and to discuss the local actions that can be taken to move the system forward.

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Fund for Safe Communities

Established in 2018, the Fund for Safe Communities supports meaningful actions to address and prevent violence, promote healing, and address systemic inequities. This fund emphasizes the importance of work led by young people and is advised by emerging leaders who have been personally affected by gun violence.

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