The Minneapolis Foundation partners with Pillsbury United Communities on long-term recovery for Drake Hotel fire survivors

$250,000 will be available to address housing needs of individuals impacted by the fire

The Minneapolis Foundation will distribute $250,000 from the Minnesota Helps – Drake Hotel Fire Recovery Fund to Pillsbury United Communities (PUC) to help fund short-term and long-term housing solutions for those affected by the fire. Every dollar will go towards recovery needs.

“With a history of partnering with the Foundation and supporting the city and its residents through devastating events, such as the 35W bridge collapse and the 2011 North Minneapolis tornado, PUC is a multi-service agency equipped to meet people where they are and get access to solutions needed for recovery,” said Jo-Anne Stately, Director of Impact Strategy for Economic Vitality at The Minneapolis Foundation.

PUC will provide support services including assistance in locating housing and help filling out paperwork, as well as funds to help cover costs for application fees, down payments and other necessary steps to secure housing.

On Dec. 25, the City of Minneapolis asked The Minneapolis Foundation to set up and administer the Minnesota Helps Fund, an emergency response fund, to help with immediate and long-term needs for fire survivors. Since then, the organization has worked diligently to identify and connect with multiple community and nonprofit organizations equipped to carry out aid and provide the critical emergency support services needed, including searching for an organization that was willing and able to help with housing solutions.

“Understanding the complexity of individual needs related to housing, we are extremely grateful to PUC for their leadership and continued service to the community through this effort,” said Stately. “We know everyone affected by the fire is in a different situation, and PUC has the community trust and experience needed to provide individual solutions and care.”

The Foundation has distributed additional funds to support short-term and long-term recovery efforts. Details of those distributions can be found here.

“The gifts to date have been enormously generous and impactful. However, the recovery work is long-term and we’ll continue to partner with organizations like PUC to address the complex needs of families impacted,” said Stately.