Village Scholars Program

For nearly a decade, the Village Scholars scholarship, funded by the Edward R. Bazinet Charitable Foundation, Jane Burkleo Scholarship Fund, and the Martha H. Gould Fund, has sought to foster the creative endeavors of graduating Minneapolis high school students by offering two or four year scholarships to students interested in pursuing an education and career in a creative field.

A Village Scholar is a Minneapolis resident enrolled in a Minneapolis public high school or DeLaSalle High School, with a minimum GPA of 2.5, pursuing a degree in a creative field, and able to document financial need. Applications are due April 15.

Up to seven scholarships will be awarded in 2017. Each scholarship will be for $5,000 and is renewable for up to four years, as long as the student remains in good academic standing and on track to graduate.

In addition to traditional artistic endeavors such as acting, music performance, and art, scholarships may be awarded to students who are interested in fields that use their artistic interests. Examples include (but are not limited to) advertising, writing, graphic design, film, web design, industrial design, and culinary arts.

To apply, download the application form below and fill it out completely. Applications may also be obtained from Minneapolis and DeLaSalle school counseling offices. The deadline for applications is April 15.

Download the Village Scholars Application

Village Scholars Testimonials

  • “Receiving the Village Scholarship not only gave me the confidence to continue being creative, but also gave me the opportunity to study art and learn how to turn my artistic skills into a viable career. It’s wonderful to be recognized by a community that supports the arts and gives students the opportunity to continue to learn about and explore art programs here in Minnesota.” – Micah S.
  • “When I began the college admissions process, I was unsure of how much support I would find for an arts-related course of study, especially as a student from a low-income family. The Village Scholars Program has made it possible for me to pursue my education in architecture at Columbia University and to live in New York City. The program connects me with other young artists from my hometown and encourages me that my education is valued and useful for the future.” – Elsa. H
  • “Receiving the Village Scholarship gave me the ability to focus on my art, and also alleviated my financial stress so I could focus on school. The real gift came after I graduated. Thanks to the Village Scholarship I am relatively debt-free and able to take artistic risks that I might not have otherwise allowed myself.” – Maria V.
  • “The Village Scholarship was a gift that meant I could follow my dreams and goals because the financial burden of post-secondary education was significantly lighter. It was also an honor to be privileged with the Village Scholarship, because it allowed prospective students like myself, to foster my craft and create a new generation of creative individuals in the world. And the idea that someone believed in me and the work that I wanted to create and contribute to the world was in itself a great motivation for me to keep improving myself as an individual and as an artist. The Village Scholarship provided the opportunity for me to get to where I am right now. And for that I am truly thankful.” – Vixay Y.