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We Are

The Minneapolis Foundation
Minneapolis Foundation staff talking in front of the Midtown Global Market

The Minneapolis Foundation drives collective action to realize strong, vibrant communities. We cultivate generosity by taking action on the greatest civic, social, and economic needs—partnering with nonprofits, facilitating grantmaking, driving research and advocacy, and providing services to donors seeking to make a difference in their communities.

What We Do

We believe that those closest to issues are best positioned to understand and address them. We partner with others to sow and nurture the seeds of strong, vibrant communities by:

Promoting civic participation and leadership

Fostering belonging, connection, and inclusion

Increasing access to opportunities that advance upward mobility

Seeing and dismantling barriers that hold inequities in place

We are guided in our work by our Strategic Framework, which requires us to be bold, optimistic, and responsive to the voices of those most affected by challenges in our community.


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Passion for Community Since 1915

When we launched in 1915, the concept of a community foundation was just a year old. The innovative idea behind it—a place-based organization that allows residents in a community to pool their charitable giving—would go on to transform philanthropy. Today, innovation continues as we redefine the role a community foundation plays in lasting change.

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Our Teams

One of the key differences between a community foundation and a commercial provider of charitable funds is the people. We are a mighty team with a blend of professional and lived experiences and the passion to back it up.

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