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We’re on a mission to reimagine the future and ignite the greatest possible good for generations to come. Our diverse team is comprised of passionate individuals with a shared commitment to community.

Culture and Values

At the Minneapolis Foundation, diversity, equity, and inclusion are embedded in our culture and the way we pursue our work. We are driven by passion and guided by these core values:

Change is personal.

We work to change ourselves through listening, learning, understanding and taking responsive action.

Internal mirrors external.

We reflect internally the community we hope to see externally.

Equity is a responsibility.

We see and remove personal and systemic barriers that hold inequities in place.

Proximity is necessary.

The closer we get, the more we understand, empathize, and transform; we can always get closer.

Civic participation is powerful.

Places and systems that value and work for everyone foster the diverse participation needed to solve complex problems.

Hope is essential.

Recognizing the challenges of today does not eliminate our ability to see–and create–a better future.

Talent and Culture Goals


We keep community at the center of our work and partner to realize community-driven solutions.

Inclusive and Collaborative

We strive to be an inclusive and collaborative organization that emphasizes both relational and technical competence.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

We have an unwavering commitment to collective growth, learning, and continuous improvement.

Impact-Oriented and Accountable

We continuously monitor and adjust our work to maximize our impact.


“The staff here actually work towards the vision of the Foundation to improve the lives of people who consider Minneapolis to be their home. We work as a team in many ways to establish relationships and maintain partnerships with individuals, groups, and organizations that dedicate themselves to serving others. Doing this promotes growth, impacting future generations for the better.”
–Brandon Williams
Fellow, Criminal Justice & Safe Communities
“It’s been a great opportunity to do good on a daily basis while working in tandem to provide our expertise as a team, getting money out into the community both efficiently and effectively. This is very fulfilling work with an amazing group of people who feel more like family.”
–Bethany Madetzke
Finance Associate
“The Minneapolis Foundation is a place where each individual is truly valued for their contribution to the team and is accepted and appreciated for who they are.”
–Joe Moryn
Payroll/Benefits Manager
Colleen Hase headshot
“I feel like part of something bigger.
I really appreciate the inclusiveness and the feeling of togetherness that is deeply rooted in our culture and the way of working. Within the Minneapolis Foundation, our six values (including hope) are more than words – they are real. Being an entrepreneur is valued and promoted!”
–Colleen Hase
Vice President of Information Technology