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OneMPLS Fund

Responding to emerging needs

When a critical issue emerges, this collective fund enables our community to join forces and respond nimbly.


Thanks to the generosity of many, the OneMPLS Fund has made more than $4.5 million in grants to roughly 170 nonprofits since it launched. Here are the latest issues this fund has addressed:


Our first grant round focused on stable housing for families and youth, with $500,000 awarded to five nonprofits in the fall of 2019.

Pandemic Relief (COVID-19 Phase I)

When the pandemic hit Minnesota in early 2020, we quickly distributed nearly $2 million to 150 organizations that serve communities disproportionately affected by the economic effects of COVID-19.

Rebuilding (COVID-19 Phase II)

Our most recent grant round focused on BIPOC-owned businesses grappling with the dual crises of COVID-19 and the killing of George Floyd.

In 2020, we quickly distributed funds to organizations that were hit hard by the pandemic and the unrest following the killing of George Floyd. Learn more about these grantees and how their work has been affected.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I apply for assistance from the OneMPLS Fund?

    We understand that these crises are having and will continue to have a significant impact on individuals, families, and business owners in Minneapolis-Saint Paul. However, this fund is designed to make grants to 501(c)(3) organizations and groups fiscally sponsored by a nonprofit. It is our goal to move resources as quickly as possible to community-based organizations that are directly supporting the local residents and business owners who are most affected by the pandemic.

  • May I target my donation to a specific organization?

    To ensure that we can coordinate and share resources from the OneMPLS Fund as quickly as possible, donors may not restrict their grants to an individual grantee. If you have a specific organization you would like to support, we encourage you to give directly to that organization and suggest providing a general operating grant. If you have a Donor Advised Fund at the Minneapolis Foundation or are interested in establishing one, our Philanthropic Advisors can help you navigate the needs across our community.

  • Should I give to the OneMPLS Fund instead of making other donations?

    No. The OneMPLS Fund is not intended to be the only vehicle to give funds to nonprofits working to address our community’s most urgent issues. We encourage you to give directly to organizations you may have supported in the past or nonprofits you know are addressing needs in your community.

  • Can current grantees apply for funds?

    Yes. Current grantees are eligible to apply.

  • Can my family foundation support COVID-19 relief efforts through the OneMPLS Fund?

    Yes! We welcome other philanthropic entities to join us in this collective giving fund and will keep you updated about how the funds are used. Please contact Jenny Johnson at for details on how to direct a grant to the OneMPLS Fund.

  • Can The Minneapolis Foundation help my company establish a program to support COVID-19 Relief?

    We have a history of working with corporations and small business to design and facilitate innovative philanthropic programs tailored to each company’s corporate goals. Please contact Russell Betts at or Peter Black at to explore how the Foundation can help your business.

  • Can you provide me with information that I can share with my clients about ways to support efforts?

    We would be happy to help you and your clients navigate the pressing needs during this unprecedented time. Please contact Steph Donley at