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Climate Action and Racial Equity Fund

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This fund supports local action on climate change in diverse Minneapolis communities.


Offering grants for place-based, community-driven initiatives, projects, and organizations, this fund strives for a demonstrable reduction in local greenhouse gas emissions. How it works:

Align Goals

This fund aligns with the Minneapolis Climate Action Plan, and furthers the goals of the Minneapolis Strategic Racial Equity Plan.

Local Partnerships

This fund is a partnership between the City of Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Foundation, and the McKnight Foundation to drive hyper-local work.

Meaningful Change

Grantees engage local residents and organizations to increase their sense of ownership of climate solutions and strengthen social connections among individuals and networks.

Steps to apply

Step One

First, read through the all of the grant requirements to see if you qualify. Eligible applicants are nonprofts 501 (c)(3), schools, churches, neighborhood organizations, business associations, or charitable/grassroots organizations with a fiscal agent.

Step Two

Confirm your organization or project is working at the intersection of climate action and racial equity. Review the Minneapolis Climate Action Plan and the City of Minneapolis’s Strategic Racial Equity Action Plan for more details.

Step Three

Apply through the Minneapolis Foundation’s GranteeView system. If you have any questions, please contact Erin Jerabek Heelan at