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Fourth Generation is a hands-on experience in philanthropy for rising leaders who care about local issues and want to make a bigger impact.


Since Fourth Generation started in 2010, members have raised $493,000 to address the following critical issues: mental health, youth homelessness, food justice, small business development, resources for immigrant populations, aging, criminal justice reform, affordable housing, place-based disparities, and climate justice. Here’s how it works:


Members listen to community and learn from experts about a critical local issue while examining the practice of philanthropy.

Share & Connect

Members connect with their peers and community members to broaden their outlooks and learn about the barriers that hold inequities in place.


By pooling contributions, resources, and diverse perspectives, members collaborate to create an accessible and equitable grantmaking process.

Become a Member

Learn how to join Fourth Generation and make a bigger impact.

Step One

Fourth Generation offers our members a variety of educational opportunities to develop their leadership skills, learn about effective giving, and get proximate to a local issue. We offer different levels of membership that reflect the commitment you are able to make.

Step Two

Join our monthly meetings, which feature expert speakers, collaborative decision making, and a deep dive into grantmaking.

Step Three

Get on our mailing list to learn more about upcoming meetings and events. We meet the third Wednesday of every month. From September to December, all are welcome to join us.

Advisory Committee

Sam Hills Education Co-Chair
Emily Lamberty Board Chair
Kara Lillehaug Graze 4 Good Co-Chair
Mary McKinley Education Co-Chair
Laura Pancoast Grantmaking Chair
Vasiliki Papanikolopoulos Social Media + Public Relations Chair
Amy Podlesak Member Communication Chair
Grace Rose Graze 4 Good Co-Chair
Sacha Seymour-Anderson Membership Engagement Chair
Kelsey Tyler Fundraising + Finance Chair

Want to learn more?

Sara Lueben Headshot

Be a part of Fourth Generation’s hands-on experience in philanthropy. Contact Sara Lueben to learn more.

Sara Lueben
Director of Collective Giving