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Monthly Gathering

Fourth Generation's 2023-2024 Grantmaking Cycle
Wednesday, December 13, 2023 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at the Minneapolis Foundation

Join us as we dig into Fourth Generation’s 2023-2024 grantmaking cycle topic: Housing Equity – Supporting our unhoused neighbors. We meet on the third Wednesday of every month, and anyone is welcome to attend through December. In-person and virtual options are available.

What is Fourth Generation?

Fourth Generation is an exciting and engaged group that comes together in a hands-on experience to reimagine philanthropy. Members center equity in the conversation as we learn about grantmaking and pool our resources to make a much bigger difference in the community than we could alone.

We hear from inspiring speakers, explore personal values, engage in thoughtful activities and discussions, and combine our time and money to explore and support organizations that are making real change in our community. Our efforts, discussion, and collective gift transform into community power, personal growth, and social advocacy.

We explored Education Equity last year. We were able to grant $80,000 to eight grantees working to strengthen our education system across the Twin Cities metro.