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Giving Circles

Tap into the power of collective giving
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Giving circles help diversify and democratize philanthropy. Starting or joining a giving circle is a great way to learn about your community, invest in solutions to pressing issues, and grow as a leader.

How does it work?

Giving circles bring together donors at all giving levels to pool their contributions, decide together on the organizations they will support, and make a bigger impact than they could alone. Some focus on a shared interest or geographic area. Some strengthen bonds and build power within a certain community, while others are designed to build bridges between people with different backgrounds. Many meet over dinner, invite local experts to speak to their members, or organize community fundraisers to increase their support for the causes they care about. 

Most giving circles...

  • Pool their donations
  • Discuss and Learn about Issues
  • Make Grant Decisions Together
  • Build Relationships and Have Fun

Why should I join a giving circle?

Amplify your impact

By pooling resources with others, you make a bigger difference.

Explore your values

Live out your aspirations to take action on issues you care about.

Get closer to community

Learn about issues and connect with nonprofits.

Network and grow

Build relationships and sharpen your leadership skills.

Give democratically

Flex your collective power through shared decision-making.

Transform Philanthropy

Join other new voices in redefining who can be a philanthropist.

Giving Circles in Action

The Minneapolis Foundation provides a range of services to help giving circles define and achieve their goals. Our support varies based on the needs of each group and can include: Guidance and support with group visioning and program creation; meeting facilitation; marketing tools and guidance; and grant administration and due diligence.

We administer a growing number of giving circles, including… 

BMPP Giving Circle

This group is made up of Asian American families from Minnesota and Wisconsin who come together to celebrate, learn, and pool their financial resources to support innovative projects that advance justice and equity.

Learn more
Fourth Generation

This group is a hands-on experience in philanthropy for young to mid-career leaders. Every year, the group votes on the community need it will address, with past issues ranging from food justice to mental health to affordable housing.

Learn more

The Latest


The Giving Circle Movement

Learn about Building More Philanthropy with Purpose, a giving circle administered by the Minneapolis Foundation, and find out how they tap into the power of collective giving.




When Amy Podlesak started working at Land O’Lakes, she brought ideas and insight from her time with Fourth Generation.

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Fourth Generation Awards $50,000 in Grants

Fourth Generation completed its 12th grantmaking cycle by awarding $50,000 in grants to five local organizations that are providing critical services in support of mental health justice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does the Minneapolis Foundation care about giving circles?

    The Minneapolis Foundation is committed to cultivating generosity, increasing equity, and investing in community-led solutions. Giving circles are a powerful way to advance all of these goals, creating pathways for people at all giving levels and from all communities to join forces and make a difference on issues they care about.

  • How much money do members contribute?

    Each giving circle decides together how it will raise money for the causes it supports.

  • Where will my money go?

    You and the members of your giving circle will decide together how to invest your pooled resources. The Minneapolis Foundation can provide grantmaking advice, carries out the group’s funding decisions, and ensures that all grant recipients are qualified public charities.

  • Is my donation tax-deductible?

    Yes. Donations to a giving circle are tax-deductible.

  • Where can I learn more about giving circles?

    Our work draws inspiration from the thought leadership of Philanthropy Together, a global initiative to scale and strengthen the collective giving movement.

    Learn more

Ready to get started?

Sara Lueben Headshot

We‘d love to talk with you about joining or starting a giving circle. Please reach out to Sara Lueben to learn more.

Sara Lueben
Director of Collective Giving