“The knowledge base that comes along with the staff of The Minneapolis Foundation is really unbelievable.”

– Peter Gabler, Minneapolis Foundation Donor Advisor

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Storytelling: Your Secret Ingredient this Holiday Season

Dr. Marshall Duke is a professor of psychology at Emory University. He has built his academic and research career around families and traditions. We had a chance to catch up with Dr. Duke and ask him for some of his wisdom on storytelling.

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“We don’t just write checks. We like to get involved, going on site visits and getting to know the leaders of an organization, and The Minneapolis Foundation allowed us to do that.”

– Katie Fratzke, Minneapolis Foundation Donor Advisor

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Having "The Talk"

Learn 3 practical tips for having “The Talk” {about philanthropy} with your kids and grandkids from generational expert Phil Gwoke.

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Family Philanthropy Resource Center

Leo Tolstoy once said, “Without knowing what I am and why I am here, life is impossible.” The same argument could be made for philanthropy. That’s why The Minneapolis Foundation launched the Family Philanthropy Resource Center. “Family” can have a lot of different meanings. Whatever it means to you, our trained facilitators are here to work with your family to bring clarity, focus, passion and strategy to your giving.

It’s meaningful work that we have been doing for decades. And we’ve been doing it with great success. That’s why we want to expand our reach and bring this eye-opening experience to more donors, regardless of where you are on your philanthropic journey. Whether you are an individual, couple, multi-generational family or family foundation, we look forward to helping you achieve your charitable goals.


At the Family Philanthropy Resource Center, we are generation agnostic. In fact, we have designed our services to appeal and resonate with all generations. Partner with us to:

  • Create a values statement to guide your charitable decisions
  • Define your short-term and long-term charitable goals
  • Determine a family budget for charitable gifts
  • Define roles and responsibilities within your family or giving circle
  • Create an action plan that keeps you and your partners in philanthropy accountable
  • Manage complex family dynamics to achieve meaningful family philanthropy
  • Move from reactive to proactive giving

Our flexible, hands-on approach allows you to tailor a plan that works for your family. We focus on four key areas of charitable giving:

  • Who would you like to join you at your giving table?
  • Why do you give?
  • What are your charitable goals?
  • How do you want to make an impact?

Take a peek! Next time your family gets together, don’t be shy; test out the conversation starters below:

Stuff We Like

Looking for an inspiring book to help guide your giving? Here’s what we’re reading right now:

Photo of Books We're Reading: Inspired Philanthropy, The Seven Faces of Philanthropy, A Path Appears, The Opposite of Spoiled, and Generational Impact

What’s on your nightstand? We’d love to share your book suggestion and review with our network of donors. Send the book title, author, and 2-3 sentences about how the book has inspired your charitable giving to rschein@mplsfoundation.org.

Listening more your style? Forward Thinking is a great podcast that’s available to stream here, or by subscribing on iTunes here.

Our Extended Network

We’re proud to offer clients of the Family Philanthropy Resource Center full access to our extended network through:

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Did we pique your interest?

Contact Robyn Schein, Philanthropic Advisor at (612) 672-3824 or rschein@mplsfoundation.org for a consultation.