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Supporting community-based learning

The Catalyst Initiative honors and fosters culturally authentic self-care practices to advance health and well-being.


For communities in need, including people experiencing current and/or historical trauma, toxic stress, inequities, or lack of access to opportunities, this initiative is here to help. Here’s how it works:

Educate and Inspire

We foster understanding about the benefits and importance of self-care, trauma healing, and well-being.

Scale Generative Norms

We synthesize what we learn and connect networks and leadership that embed culturally authentic healing practices in communities.

Shift Systems

We champion policies, practices, and investments that advance self-care as primary care.

Seed and Innovate

We boldly invest in promising practices in self-care and healing.

The Latest


Creating the Conditions

How do you measure the impacts of self-care and community healing? Watch this short video about the Catalyst Initiative’s impact.

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A Network of Well-Being

Inspire to Change partnered with Catalyst Initiative to conduct an impact evaluation of their work from 2014-2021. Read how committed change-makers co-create a network of wellbeing.



Northside Healing Space

Watch this short video to hear Rev. Galloway and her colleague Andree Aronson describe what Northside Healing Space offers and how the Catalyst Initiative has supported their work.

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Visit The Learning Hub

How do you measure the impacts of self-care and community healing? This video explores what it means to be well and to be healed through the success of the Catalyst Initiative’s work. Check out more Catalyst Initiative videos here.