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The Catalyst Initiative honors and fosters culturally authentic self-care practices to advance health and well-being.

Stewarding Resources to Advance Healing

We need healing resources that address pain, anxiety, depression, and unresolved trauma. Read our latest report about the realistic and actionable steps we can take.

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For communities in need, including people experiencing current and/or historical trauma, toxic stress, inequities, or lack of access to opportunities, this initiative is here to help. Here’s how it works:

Educate and Inspire

We foster understanding about the benefits and importance of self-care, trauma healing, and well-being.

Scale Generative Norms

We synthesize what we learn and connect networks and leadership that embed culturally authentic healing practices in communities.

Shift Systems

We champion policies, practices, and investments that advance self-care as primary care.

Seed and Innovate

We boldly invest in promising practices in self-care and healing.

This video showcases the beautiful and necessary work of our community partner Rebeka Ndosi. Rebeka has pivoted to virtual train the trainer sessions during the pandemic and continues to expand the network of BIPOC healers available to those who need them most. Checkout more Catalyst Initiative videos here.

Let's Get Started

We’d love to support you or your organization with the Catalyst Initiative’s efforts. Contact Suzanne Koepplinger to learn more.

Suzanne Koepplinger
Director, Catalyst Initiative