Called to Lead

Catalyst Director Suzanne Koepplinger writes about how we can effectively address diseases of despair and craft forward-thinking solutions in our community.

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Building Resilience

On September 18, 2018, participants came together for an engaged conversation on primary prevention and integrative strategies for preventing diseases of despair. Read the report.

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Healing from Trauma

On Tuesday, August 9, 2018, we brought together community members for our 10th community exploration of Healing from Trauma: Tips & Techniques. Read the report.

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The Catalyst Initiative

Catalyst honors and fosters culturally authentic self-care practices to advance health and well-being. We serve communities most in need, including people experiencing current and/or historical trauma, toxic stress, inequities, or lack of access to opportunities. Since 2014, Catalyst has helped communities realize their capacity to support health and well-being using mind-body approaches that are culturally meaningful.


How We Do It

Create the Conditions

We educate and inspire to foster an understanding of the benefits of self-care, trauma healing, and well-being.

Seed and Innovate

We boldly invest in promising practices in self-care and healing.

Scale and Shift Norms

We synthesize learnings and connect networks that embed culturally authentic healing practices in communities.

Shift Systems and Policy

We champion policies, practices, and investments that advance self-care as primary care.


Youth Cultural Healing Summit

Thursday, October 17, 2019
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Minneapolis

Join us as we lift up youth cultural healing leadership in Minnesota and dive in to explore integrative and culturally-specific healing strategies. The Youth Cultural Healing Summit is an all-day event centering community voices, emergent research and policy approaches to supporting individual and collective resilience for youth and those who serve them, hosted in the model of Intentional Social Interaction. This event is open to the community (all ages welcome). There is no charge to participate.

RSVP by emailing or calling (612) 928-7744.