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Donor Advised Funds
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Donor Advised Funds are the fastest growing donation vehicle, and for good reason: They’re tax-smart, easy to set up, and accept a variety of asset types. It’s effective giving that empowers you to strengthen your community.

The Benefits

Simple management

We take care of the accounting, investment, and legal services so you can focus on giving.

Tax advantages

Donors are generally eligible to receive a tax deduction in the year they make a gift while retaining the flexibility to recommend grants over time.


We’ll help you support the organizations you already love or help you explore new giving opportunities and resources.

How a Donor Advised Fund Works

1. Establish your fund

Make a tax-deductible donation using cash, stocks, or non-publicly traded assets like business interests or private company stock. Once the contribution is in your account, it can only be used for future grantmaking.

See our guidelines and policies.

2. Build Your fund

Charitable funds grow tax-free until you are ready to recommend grants—which means you may have more to give. Our investment strategy options enable you to choose a path that matches your goals and timeline.

3. Support Your Community

You can recommend grants that can go to any public charity. We’re also here to help you explore pressing local issues, discover unique giving opportunities, and leverage our network to connect with like-minded changemakers.


“We feel like the Minneapolis Foundation is stepping back and really digging into the problems, as opposed to tossing around quick fixes. That’s important to us: that the actions taken are thoughtful and not just reactionary.”
–Aaron Bergad
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“Education has always been a solid foundation on which to build. It’s hard to focus in school if you’re hungry.”
–Charlie Jones
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