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Abundant Cities

Wednesday, May 17, 2023 6:00 pm at Walker Art Center

Abundant Cities is a series of three talks copresented by the Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Foundation. Moderated by Adair Mosley, CEO of the African American Leadership Forum, this series was established to generate meaningful discussions on how we can pour resources, energy, and community voices into our civic life.

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Evolving Downtowns, March 15: What will it take to reinvigorate downtown Minneapolis as a thriving, forward-leaning urban center? What role should downtown play in relation to our citywide and regional economy? This event will bring together local leaders with deep knowledge of our community’s history, diverse perspectives on the importance of art and economic equity as a driver of regional prosperity, and visionary ideas about what downtown could look like in the future. Panelists include Gabrielle Grier, Oscar Perry Abello, and Tom Fisher.

Inclusive Cities, April 12: We envision Minneapolis as a place where everyone is valued and seen as essential to our city’s economy and culture. How can our city become a place that fully embodies that spirit of inclusion? In this event, a panel of community leaders will share their ambitious visions for creative placemaking, art and design in public spaces, and other innovative approaches to building urban realms that are accessible and welcoming to everyone. Panelists include Kate Downing Khaled, Rochelle Riley, and Steven Bosacker.

Building Common Ground, May 17: As Minneapolis seeks to write its next chapter after three challenging years, we are not alone. Cities across the country face many of the same obstacles and opportunities—and those communities, like ours, benefit from a variety of changemakers who are stepping forward to meet the moment with real ambition. This free panel discussion will dig into several examples of successful efforts here and in other cities to plan and build toward a stronger future. Panelists to be announced.

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