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Conversations with Chanda

About The Podcast

What happens when people get together and dive into intimate conversation about our community’s grittiest, most vexing problems? Find out on our podcast, Conversations with Chanda. Hosted by Chanda Smith Baker, Conversations with Chanda unpacks complex topics—the power structures that surround wealth, navigating the world of philanthropy as a person of color, why criminal justice reform is something everyone should care about, and turning unthinkable grief into good.

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Listen. Process. Share. Discuss.

We’re calling on everyone to join us on this rough but revealing path of discovery and civic action.

Ibram X. Kendi

Changing the Narrative

Chanda and Dr. Kendi talk about the importance of anti-racist education, the struggles of reimaging public safety, and why we need to invest in narrative change work.


Scott Hagan

Turning Anguish into Action

Chanda and Scott talk about his journey to understanding racism on a systemic level and how he’s trying to use his platform for good.


Eddie S. Glaude Jr.

In the Midst of Madness

Chanda and Eddie talk about the intersection of greed and racism, the pitfalls of symbolic representation, and how to prevent burnout while working toward justice.


Isaiah Oliver

The Levers of Leadership

Chanda and Isaiah discuss the support systems that help them lead, the national and local issues affecting the work, and how philanthropy needs to evolve to stay relevant and effective.


Christopher Emdin

Keeping Up with Brilliance

Chanda and Chris discuss the major challenges in our education system and why we need to activate the imagination of our youth. 


Michael Vick

Showing Up

Chanda and Michael talk about what it was like for Michael to grow up in Newport News, the importance of a strong support system, and the actions he’s taking to strengthen prison reform and youth development.


Meet Our Podcast Team

Chanda Smith Baker Headshot
Chanda Smith Baker
Chief Impact Officer and Senior Vice President
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Andrea Cummings
Senior Director of Philanthropic Services
Souphak Kienitz
Podcast Producer
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Andrea Cummings
Senior Director of Philanthropic Services
Darlynn Benjamin
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Chief Impact Officer
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Andrea Cummings
Senior Director of Philanthropic Services
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John Cuoco
Multimedia Content Curator
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Andrea Cummings
Senior Director of Philanthropic Services
Sarah Gillund
Design and Digital Media Manager
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Andrea Cummings
Senior Director of Philanthropic Services

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