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Climate Urgency and Action

A Conversation with Sven Sundgaard

In this episode of Conversations with Chanda, Minneapolis Foundation President & CEO R.T. Rybak steps in as guest host and speaks with meteorologist Sven Sundgaard about the urgency of climate change and what needs to be done. Sven and R.T. explore how to better explain this increasingly pressing issue to children and others with examples from here in Minnesota and around the world.

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Our Guests

Sven Sundgaard

Sven Sundgaard has been a meteorologist for nearly two decades in Minnesota. He has been studying climate change and ringing the alarm bells for many years while broadcasting on TV and digital media. In recent years he’s been traveling the world to tell stories of conservation and climate change on six of the seven continents. He currently is a meteorologist for a digital news service and science advisor to the Minneapolis Foundation, which focuses on the climate crisis & racial equity. He’s also taught middle school earth science to help the youth navigate their future role in combating climate change.

R.T. Rybak

R.T. has led the Foundation since July 2016, deepening its community impact, significantly growing its donor base and contributions, and launching a strategic framework that more directly focuses on using multiple impact levers to dismantle inequities. A Minneapolis native, R.T. spent 30 years in journalism, publishing, marketing, and the Internet before serving as Mayor of Minneapolis from 2002 to 2013. His most significant career focus has been developing equitable career paths for youth of color. That work has included being a founding partner of: Step Up, which has provided summer jobs to 20,000 high school students; Urban Scholars, its companion program for college students; the Power of YOU, which provides free community college tuition; ConnextMSP, an alumni association helping participants of high-performing programs serving youth of color connect to careers; and Generation Next, a coalition of civic, business, and school leaders focused on racial equity, where R.T. served as executive director from 2014 to 2016.v