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Decolonizing Wealth

Live! with Edgar Villanueva

Edgar Villanueva is the author of “Decolonizing Wealth: Indigenous Wisdom to Heal Divides and Restore Balance.” At this live event, Chanda and Edgar talked about their personal experiences in philanthropy, the power structures that surround wealth, and the steps needed to bring compassion and healing to the institution of philanthropy.

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About Our Guest

Edgar Villanueva

Edgar Villanueva is a nationally recognized expert on social justice philanthropy. Edgar currently serves as Chair of the Board of Directors of Native Americans in Philanthropy and is a board member of the Andrus Family Fund. He has also consulted with numerous nonprofit organizations and national and global philanthropies on advancing racial equity inside of their institutions and through their investment strategies. His book, “Decolonizing Wealth,” weaves a provocative analysis of the dysfunctional colonial dynamics at play in philanthropy and finance and offers a prescription for restoring balance and healing our divides using the guidance of indigenous wisdom.