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Healing Through Stories

A Conversation with Jim Bear Jacobs

Jim Bear Jacobs is dedicated to bringing to light the Indigenous stories of Minnesota. This includes his “Healing Minnesota Stories” work at the Minnesota Council of Churches. In this episode, Chanda and Jim discuss how storytelling can spark consciousness, the ways philanthropy has shifted strategies over the past decade, and how trauma can resurface in unexpected ways.

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About Our Guest

Jim Bear Jacobs

Jim Bear Jacobs was born in St. Paul. He is a member of the Stockbridge-Munsee Mohican Nation, an American Indian tribe located in central Wisconsin. He has degrees in Pastoral Studies and Christian Theology and has served various churches as a youth minister, adult Christian educator, and director of Men’s Ministries. Presently he is a parish associate at the Church of All Nations Presbyterian Church. He is a cultural facilitator in the Twin Cities and works to raise the public’s awareness of American Indian causes and injustices. He is the Director of Community Engagement and Racial Justice for the Minnesota Council of Churches. Additionally, he is the creator and director of “Healing Minnesota Stories,” a program of the Minnesota Council of Churches dedicated to ensuring that the Native American voice is heard in areas where it has long been ignored.