Climate Action and Racial Equity Fund

Support and receive funding for innovative projects that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Minneapolis.



The Minneapolis Climate Action & Racial Equity Fund offers grants for place-based, community-driven initiatives and projects that result in a demonstrable reduction in local greenhouse gas emissions, align with the goals of the Minneapolis Climate Action Plan, and further the goals of the Minneapolis Strategic Racial Equity Plan. This fund is a partnership between the City of Minneapolis, The Minneapolis Foundation, and the McKnight Foundation.

Support this hyper-local, innovative work by texting climatempls to 243725. If you’re already a Minneapolis Foundation donor, you can also contribute here or by transfering funds through your DonorView account.

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How to Apply

Looking to fund a green initiative or project in Minneapolis? First, read through the all of the grant requirements to see if you qualify. You can also get a high-level overview of the grant guidelines and details below. If you have any questions, please contact Erin Jerabek Heelan at


New Charitable Fund to Support Local Action on Climate Change

A new charitable fund that is accepting grant applications starting today will support local action on climate change in diverse communities throughout the City of Minneapolis. Unveiled today in Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey’s State of the City Address, the Minneapolis Climate Action and Racial Equity Fund is a partnership between…

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