In This Moment

Here are some resources to help you connect with self-care practices during COVID-19.

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To Confront Effects of Trauma, Start with Self Care

Resilience practices and culturally rooted health traditions show promise for overcoming trauma in real-life settings.

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Youth Find Healing From Trauma at Summit

Learn about our Youth Cultural Healing Summit, which explored integrative and culturally-specific healing strategies and practices for youth.

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The Catalyst Initiative

Catalyst honors and fosters culturally authentic self-care practices to advance health and well-being. We serve communities most in need, including people experiencing current and/or historical trauma, toxic stress, inequities, or lack of access to opportunities. Since 2014, Catalyst has helped communities realize their capacity to support health and well-being using mind-body approaches that are culturally meaningful.


How We Do It

Create the Conditions

We educate and inspire to foster an understanding of the benefits of self-care, trauma healing, and well-being.

Seed and Innovate

We boldly invest in promising practices in self-care and healing.

Scale and Shift Norms

We synthesize learnings and connect networks that embed culturally authentic healing practices in communities.

Shift Systems and Policy

We champion policies, practices, and investments that advance self-care as primary care.