Our Impact: 2019 Competitive Grants

Our competitive grants program is strategic and responsive to the ever-changing needs of our community. We strive to increase social, racial, and economic equity with a goal of creating OneMinneapolis. In 2019, we awarded $4.076 million to 87 organizations.

$4.076 million

In 2019, we awarded more than $4 million in grants.


In 2019, we awarded grants to 87 organizations.


We have three focus areas for our competitive grants.

Grantmaking Focus: Education

We believe that children are our future. That’s why we are investing in systems and programs that put all children on track to compete in a global economy, participate in civic life, and pursue their dreams.

Grantmaking Focus: Economic Vitality

We are working to build an inclusive workforce that reflects our changing demographics, as well as a business climate that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and self-sufficiency.

Grantmaking Focus: Civic Engagement

We are fostering a community where everyone is encouraged and motivated to participate in the democratic process and public decision-making.