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Grieving Out Loud

A Conversation with Valerie Castile

Valerie Castile was thrown into the national spotlight after her son, Philando Castile, was shot and killed by a police officer. Now the CEO and President of the Philando Castile Relief Foundation, Valerie talks to Chanda about how she’s channeling her grief into good, her approach to philanthropy, and keeping her son’s legacy alive.

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About Our Guest

Valerie Castile

Valerie Castile relocated to Minnesota with her only child Philando Castile in 1987 to give him a better life. Her beloved son was shot and killed by a police officer in July 2016 in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. In honor of Philando, Valerie has dedicated herself to helping families who have lost a loved one to gun violence by developing the Philando Castile Relief Foundation.

Valerie’s current goals include encouraging collective action to decrease the unnecessary loss of life and advancing the narrative that all lives matter.