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I Can’t Breathe

A Conversation with Angela Harrelson and Paris Stevens

Angela Harrelson and Paris Stevens are the aunt and cousin of George Floyd. Since George’s death, both Angela and Paris have been using their voices to speak up for justice. In this episode, Chanda, Angela, and Paris talk about the global impact of George’s murder, their reactions to Derek Chauvin’s trial, and the courage it takes to fight when you’re in pain.

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About Our Guests

Angela Harrelson

Angela Harrelson is the aunt George Floyd. George moved to Minneapolis three years ago to be closer to Angela and to build a new life. An unmarried father of three, George wanted to escape the low-income Houston neighborhood where he grew up. Angela promised his mother that she would look after him. Before her nephew’s death, she felt people didn’t want to talk about racism even in progressive cities like Minneapolis. Now, she’s encouraged that there’s a conversation about it across the country. “What happened to George changed people’s hearts,” she said; got them talking about the history of not just police brutality, but also the very inequities in education, employment, and housing her family has faced.

Paris Stevens

Paris Stevens is the cousin of George Floyd. She is the co-chair of the George Floyd Global Memorial along with her aunt, Angela Harrelson. The George Floyd Global Memorial was established to bring together members of George Floyd’s family and the local community to preserve over 2,500 creative expressions of pain and hope left as offerings at the place where George Floyd took his last breaths.

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