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The Vibrations of Trauma

A Conversation with Kevin Reese

During Kevin Reese’s 14 years of incarceration, he began addressing the injustices that permeate the criminal legal system. Today, he continues that work as the Executive Director of Until We Are All Free. Chanda connected with Kevin to talk about his dedication to restorative justice, reimagining the prison system, and the importance of healing from unchecked and generational trauma.

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About Our Guest

Kevin Reese

Kevin Reese is a Twin Cities leader who is committed to serving his community and using his platform to make effective change. His personal experience with the judicial system opened his eyes to its inadequacies and injustice. As a result, he has dedicated his life to rectifying the detrimental effects of mass incarceration. The founder and Executive Director of Until We Are All Free, Kevin also served as Director of Criminal Justice at Voices For Racial Justice for more than six years. In 2018, he was named an Intro Journals Project Winner by the Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP), and his poetry was published in the Hayden’s Ferry Review. His writing has also been featured in Emily Baxter’s nationally acclaimed book “We Are All Criminals.” Ultimately, his work focuses on the power of humanity, organizing, and transformative movements.

Learn more about Kevin and his work:

Instagram: @Untilweareallfr33
Book: Luckily Fish Don’t Need Raincoats