Conversations with Chanda


Creating Space for Tough Conversations

There is a theory in psychology that great things never come from comfort zones. That’s why we’ve created a space for hard conversations about issues that matter.

Conversations with Chanda is leading our community on a tough but revealing path of discovery and civic action through our new podcast and live event series. We’re calling on everyone to join us in the difficult conversations that seek shared understanding. We know even the most candid dialogue remains essentially talk — we seek to spark actions for our community’s grittiest, most vexing problems.

Who is Chanda? Chanda Smith Baker is The Minneapolis Foundation’s Senior Vice President of Impact. She has over 20 years of experience working in, for, and with underestimated communities. Chanda is committed to helping us break out of our silos, talk about critical issues together, and be a catalyst for collective change.


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The OneMPLS Fund

If you’re inspired by Conversations with Chanda, consider donating to the OneMPLS Fund. This collective impact fund expands upon the Foundation’s investments in community-based efforts to advance social, economic, and racial equity by making more resources available to address emerging issues in our communities.

OneMPLS Fund donors are welcome at any level and receive invitations to special, intimate convenings. Our inaugural 2019 grant round was focused on supporting stable housing for families and youth. Our Spring 2020 grants were focused on addressing the impact of COVID-19 on our community. Learn more >>

Leverage your strengths with ours. We are better together.


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